Updating a Language Copy with Launches

Last update: 2024-01-25
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Learn how to update, review, and approve changes in a Language Copy with the help of Launches.


So let’s have a look at updating one of the pages of the English language master and what that implies for the language copies. And let’s suppose that we care specifically what implies for the French language copy. So is going to language masters English, now I’m going to open the FAQs page and edit it, scroll down and I’m going to edit one of these FAQ questions and answers, so I’m going to go to the first one and just make a slight change here instead of trying something new, let’s say trying something challenging, all right, so I’ve already made the change, and now I’m going to go back into the site’s console, and as the FAQ page is selected, I’m going to open the References rail, okay, and then go to Language Copies, select the checkbox and uncheck all of the other ones I don’t care about right now, I only care about French, so I select that one, notice that as long as I have one of these selected, I have these Update Language Copies so I’m going to be updating the French language copy of the FAQ page. So I incorporates that change that I just did in the English edition. So I open the Update Language Copies here, now, if this FAQ page had tile pages, I could include those sub tile pages so that changes that may have been done on those would also be included. In this case, we will have that so I’m going to just get the FAQ create translation project is called Update.

Update. Now, of course, the update will not result in the immediate translation of that FAQ page into French but rather, instead of the FAQ that we just updated, replacing the current FAQ under French, what we do get is a launch created. Why, because we don’t want to replace the already translated FAQ page, which is already in French, and we don’t want to replace it with a FAQ in English that we still have to retranslate. So that’s why AEM creates an AEM launch. So now we should be able to go into the French language copy and look for the FAQ right there and see that the FAQ should have a launch associated to it. So on the French language, copy the FAQ, go to References, and then Copies and Launches. You can see that the FAQ under the French language copy has a launch associated to it. Now I can compare it to its source. So I can compare that launch to the current language copies FAQ. Compare to Source, and on the left hand side we have the launch, which holds the content in English that we updated just recently. The launch on the left has yet to be translated into French, and once it’s been translated into French and approved, it will replace what we have on the right hand side, which is the language copies FAQ.

Let me close this.

And now let’s have a look at the actual project, with the translation job. Is going to Projects, Update French translation of FAQ, open the project, now before I actually start the translation job, I’m going to make a change to the summary tile. So I’m going to go to the settings of the translation under the Advanced tab, and I’m going to change the following. So I’m going to make it so that the approval of the translation is not done automatically so I can review it. I’m also going to make it so that the launch that has been created that will eventually replace the current French edition of the FAQ page will not be automatically promoted once it is approved, so that I can actually go through the process, step by step. Now Save and Close. And now, I’m going to open here the translation job details, you can see we have the FAQ page as far as the translation job, let me go back out and start the translation.

Excuse me a moment, translation in progress.

Now it’s ready for review. Let me go into the translation job. You can see the state ready for review, in order to review it, what I will be reviewing is actually the launch and so I’m going to select this page or disresource of the translation job and go into Preview in Sites.

So now the launch has been translated into French English, including that change that we did here on the FAQ on the first response, to the first question you see, the wording was changed. Let me now go back into a translation job. So we can actually go about doing the rest of the work that we have to do. First, of course, we have to accept the translation, so I’m going to take the two resources that I have here and I’m going to accept the translation for both, okay, include the references, accept the translation, all right and then go back out.

It’s been already approved by me having accepted the translation, but that doesn’t mean that the replacement has already been done on the Sites, we can Site, Language Masters, French edition, or the French language copy if I go to FAQs here, if we open it, we will see that this still has the old text as you can see.

That is because we still haven’t promoted the launch, we selected the option to not automatically promote the launch upon approval or accepting of the translation. So this leads me to actually having to go to the Launches, console in AEM, so go here Tools, then go to Sites, Launches, and here we have the Launch, I can select and now Promote it, so that will replace the current edition of the FAQ under the language copy for French. Okay, I can select Delete launch after promotion, then Promote full launch.

Q star me based on the selections of the previous step, what is going to get promoted before it promoted, I could still do a final preview of what will get promoted then click on Promote, and now we’re done.

Now the FAQ page should have been updated with the latest text that was added in English first and then translated into the launch and finally the launch, as it was promoted replaced the FAQ within the French language copy. Let’s have a look at that FAQ page.

And now you can see that if we open this text, this component we can see that the text has been updated. -

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