Debugging a Tags implementation

An introduction to common tools and techniques used to debug a Tags implementation. Learn how to use the browser’s developer console and the Experience Platform Debugger extension to identify and troubleshoot key aspects of a Tags implementation.

Client-side debugging via Satellite object

The client-side debugging is helpful to verify Tag property rule loading or order of execution. Whenever a Tag property is added to the website, the _satellite JavaScript object is present in the browser to facilitate the client-side event and data tracking.

To enable the client-side debugging, call the setDebug(true) method on the _satellite object.

  1. Open the browser console, and run below command.

  2. Reload the AEM site page, and verify console log shows rule fired message like below.

    Tag Property on Author and Publish Pages

Debugging via Adobe Experience Platform Debugger

Adobe provides Adobe Experience Platform Debugger Chrome extension and Firefox add-on to debug, understand, and get insight into the integration.

  1. Open the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger extension and open the site page on the Publish instance

  2. In the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger > Summary > Adobe Experience Platform Tags section, verify your Tag property details such as Name, Version, Build Date, Environment, and Extensions.

    Adobe Experience Platform Debugger and Tag Property Details

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