Translation support for AEM Content Fragments

Learn how Content Fragments can be localized and translated with Adobe Experience Manager. Mixed-media assets associated with a Content Fragment are also eligible to be extracted and translated.

Content Fragment Translation Use Cases

Content Fragments are a recognized content type that AEM extracts to be sent to an external translation service. Several use cases are supported out of the box:

  1. A Content Fragment can be selected directly in the Assets console for language copy and translation.
  2. Content Fragments referenced on a Sites page are copied to the appropriate language folder and extracted for translation when the Sites page is selected for language copy.
  3. Inline media assets embedded inside a content fragment are eligible to be extracted and translated.
  4. Asset collections associated with a content fragment are eligible to be extracted and translated.

Translation Rules Editor

Experience Manager translation behavior can be updated by using the Translation Rules Editor. To update the translation, navigate to Tools > General > Translation Configuration at http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/translation/translationrules/contexts.html.

Out of the box configurations reference Content Fragments at fragmentPath with a resource type of core/wcm/components/contentfragment/v1/contentfragment. All components that inherit from the v1/contentfragment are recognized by the default configuration.

Translation Rules Editor

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