Use Workflow Management

The following aspects of Workflow management, introduced in AEM 6.5, are explored in this video:

  • Enable Workflow metadata under list view settings.
  • Easy navigation to workflow timeline from list view
  • Copy and paste an existing OOTB workflow to customize or override the default functionality
  • Perform a quick publish for Workflow Models and Launchers
  • Manage publication for Workflow Models and Launchers.
  • Notify users with a warning tooltip, when trying to edit an OOTB Workflow Model or Launcher.
  • Ability to revery changes made to an OOTB Workflow Model or Launchers.

This video uses Workflow models to demonstrate this set of capabilities, however they are also applicable to AEM Launchers.


Video uses AEM Sites UI to demonstrate the workflow status metadata capability. Workflow status metadata is also applicable to AEM Assets UI. Make sure to select the list view to enable the workflow status metadata in the UI.

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