Steps to resolve replication issues in AEM

Last update: 2024-01-25
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This video walks through the steps to resolve replication issues in AEM.


Hello everyone, today we will discuss the steps to resolve replication issues in AEM. There are a number of things that we can try to investigate or fix replication issues in AEM. The first thing would be to check the confident replication agent and it’s queue. For that we need to navigate to tools from AEM welcome page and then open the replication agent under Agents on author from replication folder.

Upon opening the page, please check if the agent is enabled, the queue should either be idle or active and also verify the connectivity with the publish instance by clicking on test connection. If everything looks fine, you can then go to AEM Web Console log support to capture logs. You need to enable a DEBUG logger with the replication API in here. Upon saving it, you can find the log file in your system inside the logs folder. If we are not able to figure out the problem with logs, then we will go ahead and stop replication bundle and sling eventing bundle from the AEM system console as shown on screen. After that, we will go to CRXDE and navigate var, replication, data and delete everything under it. Also we will navigate to var, eventing, jobs, assigned and delete the jobs present inside of it. After deleting the data and jobs, we can again activate both the bundles. Please note that the last section of clearing the replication data and jobs assigned is an exceptional workaround action, which will clear the active jobs and associated data. So you can contact AEM support anyway, if such a case occurs. So, in this way, we can successfully resolve replication issues in AEM. Thank you. -

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