Use the System Overview Dashboard

Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) System Overview provides a high level view of the configuration, hardware, and health of the AEM instance all from a single dashboard.

  1. The System Overview can be accessed from: AEM Start > Tools > Operations > System Overview

    Directly at <server-host>/libs/granite/operations/content/systemoverview.html

  2. The information from the System Overview can be exported by clicking the Download button. The information is also exposed via the following REST endpoint:

  3. Below is a sample output of the JSON that is exported from the System Overview:

        "Health Checks": {
            "1 Critical": "System Maintenance",
            "3 Warn": "Replication Queue, Log Errors, Sling/Granite Content Access Check"
        "Instance": {
            "Adobe Experience Manager": "6.4.0",
            "Run Modes": "s7connect, crx3, non-composite, author, samplecontent, crx3tar",
            "Instance Up Since": "2018-01-22 10:50:37"
        "Repository": {
            "Apache Jackrabbit Oak": "1.8.0",
            "Node Store": "Segment Tar",
            "Repository Size": "0.26 GB",
            "File Data Store": "crx-quickstart/repository/datastore"
        "Maintenance Tasks": {
            "Failed": "AuditLog Maintenance Task, Project Purge, Workflow Purge",
            "Succeeded": "Data Store Garbage Collection, Lucene Binaries Cleanup, Revision Clean Up, Version Purge, Purge of ad-hoc tasks"
        "System Information": {
            "Mac OS X": "10.12.6",
            "System Load Average": "2.29",
            "Usable Disk Space": "89.44 GB",
            "Maximum Heap": "0.97 GB"
        "Estimated Node Counts": {
            "Total": "232448",
            "Tags": "62",
            "Assets": "267",
            "Authorizables": "210",
            "Pages": "1592"
        "Replication Agents": {
            "Blocked": "publish, publish2",
            "Idle": "offloading_b3deb296-9b28-4f60-8587-c06afa2e632c, offloading_outbox, offloading_reverse_b3deb296-9b28-4f60-8587-c06afa2e632c, publish_reverse, scene7, screens, screens2, test_and_target"
        "Distribution Agents": {
            "Blocked": "publish"
        "Workflows": {
            "Running Workflows": "15",
            "Failed Workflows": "15",
            "Failed Jobs": "150"
        "Sling Jobs": {
            "Failed": "305"

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