Use oak-run.jar to Manage Indexes

oak-run.jar’s index command consolidates a number of features to manage Oak200 indexes in AEM, from gathering index statistics, running index consistency checks, and re/indexing indexes themselves.


Within this article and videos the terms indexing and re-indexing are used interchangeably and considered the same operation.

oak-run.jar index Command Basics

  • The version of oak-run.jar used must match the version of Oak used on the AEM instance.

  • Managing indexes using oak-run.jar leverages the index command with various flags to support different operations.

    • java -jar oak-run*.jar index ...

Index Statistics

  • oak-run.jar dumps all index definitions, important index stats and index contents for offline analysis.
  • The index statistics gathering is safe to execute on in-use AEM instances.

Index Consistency Check

  • oak-run.jar quickly determines if lucene Oak indexes are corrupt.
  • The consistency check is safe to run on in-use AEM instance for consistency check levels 1 and 2.

TarMK Online indexing with oak-run.jar

  • Online indexing of TarMK using oak-run.jar is faster than setting reindex=true on the oak:queryIndexDefinition node. Despite this performance increase, online indexing using oak-run.jar still requires a maintenance window to perform the indexing.

  • Online indexing of TarMK using oak-run.jar should not be executed against AEM instances outside of the AEM’s instances maintenance window.

TarMK Offline indexing with oak-run.jar

  • Offline indexing of TarMK using oak-run.jar is the simplest oak-run.jar based indexing approach for TarMK as it requires a single oak-run.jar command, however it requires the AEM instance to be shutdown.

TarMK Out-of-band indexing with oak-run.jar

  • Out-of-band indexing on TarMK using oak-run.jar minimizes the impact of indexing on in-use AEM instances.
  • Out-of-band indexing is the recommended indexing approach for AEM installations where the time to re/index exceeds the available maintenance windows.

MongoMK Online indexing with oak-run.jar

  • Online index with oak-run.jar on MongoMK and RDBMK is the recommended method for re/indexing MongoMK (and RDBMK) AEM installations. No other method should be used for MongoMK or RDBMK.
  • This indexing needs to be executed only against a single AEM instance in the cluster.
  • Online indexing of MongoMK is safe to execute against a running AEM cluster, as the repository traversal will occur on only a single MongoDB node, allowing the others to continue serving requests without significant performance impact.

The oak-run.jar index command to perform an online indexing of MongoMK is the same as the TarMK Online indexing with oak-run.jar with the difference that the segment store parameter points to the MongoDB instance that contains the Node store.

java -jar oak-run*.jar index
 --fds-path=/path/to/datastore mongodb://server:port/aem

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