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Last update: 2024-01-25
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AEM Forms 6.5

You must create an API application on your Acrobat Sign to integrate with your Acrobat Sign platform. The API application acts as a representative of a client application, interacting with Acrobat Sign platform. You can create the API application on customer or partner domain.

The following video explains the steps needed in creating an Acrobat Sign API application


Hi, in this video, we are going to create an Adobe Sign API application. This API application is a must when you want to integrate AEM forms with Adobe Sign. So to do that, I’ve logged into my Adobe Sign account. Going into my Account folder here.

And open up my Adobe Sign APIs here.

Click on API Applications. So I have a bunch of APIs that have been created but now, let’s create a new API application. Click on create. Give a meaningful name here. I’m going to use the same display name. Accept the default setting here and click on Save.

So now my application is created, let’s go ahead and configure this application. So click on it. Open up the Configure OAuth for this Application. So scroll down a little bit and these are the various permissions that you can give to this application. So at the minimum, we need to give agreement_read, write, send, widget_read, widget_write and workflow_read permission. So these permissions allow you to integrate AEM forms with this particular application. Click on Save.

So now that our application is saved, the next thing we need to do is to create a Cloud Service configuration in AEM Forms. -

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