Search and indexing

Learn about AEM as a Cloud Service’s search indexes, how to convert AEM 6 index definitions to be AEM as a Cloud Service compatible, and how to deploy indexes to AEM as a Cloud Service.

Index Converter Tool

Index Converter Tool

As part of refactoring your code base, use the Index converter tool to convert custom Oak index definitions to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible index definitions.

Key activities

  • Use the Adobe I/O Workflow Migrator tool to migrate asset processing workflows to use the Asset Compute microservices.
  • Set up a local development environment and deploy the customized indices. Ensure that the updated indices are up to date.
  • Deploy the updated code base to an AEM as a Cloud Service development environment and continue to validate.
  • If modifying an out of the box index ALWAYS copy the latest index definition from an AEM as a Cloud Service environment running on the latest release. Modify the copied index definition to fit your needs.

Hands-on exercise

Apply your knowledge by trying out what you learned with this hands-on exercise.

Prior to trying the hands-on exercise, make sure you’ve watched and understand the video above, and following materials:

Also, make sure you have completed the previous hands-on exercise:

Hands-on exercise GitHub repository
Hands-on with indexes

Explore defining and deploying Oak indexes to AEM as a Cloud Service.

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