Learn about AEM Dispatcher for AEM as a Cloud Service, focusing on notable changes from Dispatcher for AEM 6, the Dispatcher conversion tool and how to use the Dispatcher Tools SDK.

Dispatcher Converter

Dispatcher Converter

As part of refactoring your code base, use the AEM Dispatcher Converter to refactor existing on-premise or Adobe Managed Services Dispatcher configurations to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible Dispatcher configuration.

Key activities

Hands-on exercise

Apply your knowledge by trying out what you learned with this hands-on exercise.

Prior to trying the hands-on exercise, make sure you’ve watched and understand the video above, and following materials:

Also, make sure you have completed the previous hands-on exercise:

Hands-on exercise GitHub repository
Hands-on with Dispatcher Tools

Explore using the AEM SDK's Dispatcher Tools to validate Dispatcher configurations as well as running AEM Dispatcher locally using Docker.

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