AEM Guides as a Cloud Service deployment

Learn how to add Guides to your AEM as a Cloud Service environment.

Manual deployment via Cloud Manager git pipeline

If you purchased AEM Guides as a Cloud Service before March 29, 2022, follow these deployment instructions:

  • If you are starting fresh, you can replace the code automatically generated by Cloud Manager with the code from the below repo which has XML plugin already integrated:

  • If you already have checked-in customizations in Cloud Manager git repo, you can refer to the below repo for the instructions on how to add XML plugin in your existing code:

Deployment Via Cloud Manager

If you are a customer who purchased AEM Guides as a Cloud Service on or after 03/29/2022, follow these instructions to add Guides to your AEM as a Cloud Service environment:

  1. Login to Cloud Manager.

  2. Edit the program for which you want to configure AEM Guides.

  3. Switch to Solutions and Add-ons tab.

  4. In the Solutions and Add-ons table, click on Assets.

  5. Select Guides and select Save.

You have successfully configured your program for automatic provisioning of AEM Guides solution.

Configuring AEM Guides solution


To install AEM Guides on any environment under the integrated program, you must run the pipeline associated with the environment. No additional configuration is required in your CM git codebase for installing AEM Guides.

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