Navigating to Screens Services Provider


Screens Services Provider, allows the content author, developers, and administrators to manage displays and players for content playback once the content is added to the channels. Once the users are given access to AEM Cloud Service, they should be able to log into Screens Services Provider.

This section describes how to setup Screens Services Provider.


The following section how to configure and setup Screens Services Provider.

Steps to Setup Screens Services Provider

Follow the steps below to setup Screens Services Provider:

  1. Navigate to Screens Services Provider from here.


    If you have access to multiple organizations, please ensure that you have logged into correct Organization. To change your organization, click on the Org name from the top right hand corner of the screen and choose the required organization to which you need access to.

  2. Select Channels from the left navigation bar and click on open in content provider.


  3. Screens Content Provider opens in another tab that allows you to create your content.


What’s Next

Once you have learnt how to setup Screens Services Provider you can navigate to, Using Screens Content Provider for more details.

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