Role Definitions

Last update: 2021-09-03

Various personas are involved in a typical AEM Screens project. The following details help you decide the personas you need for your project.

Each of the role definitions described in the table below highlight the roles and responsibilities of a specified personas and their journey in a Screens as a Cloud Service project development and implementation.

Persona Type Who they are
Network Administrator Responsible for configuring the player and typically manage the entire deployment for an AEM Screens deployment. Defines user experience design (style, layout, branding) as per organizational requirements and creates project structure and channels.
Developer Responsible for installing and configuring Screens as a Cloud Service environments. Performs development and integration tasks to develop the user experience, custom templates, custom components, and back-end integrations for AEM.
Content Author Once a project structure and channels are defined as per project requirements, a Content Author is responsible for adding content to channels and managing locations and devices.
Business Executive - Digital Responsible for business unit’s product marketing strategy and revenues, main business stakeholders for digital use cases, solutions, and service offerings for the end-users, signs off on the use case implementation and delivery.

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