First Time Login to Screens as a Cloud Service

Last update: 2023-06-28

The Onboarding Process

After signing the contract, the Adobe Managed Services (AMS) initiates the customer onboarding. During the provisioning phase, when AMS provisions the AMS instance following the contract, the AMS-Screens-Cloud Feature Pack is installed. The Feature Pack allows Screens Services Provider to connect to the AMS instance or Screens Content Provider.

Adding Users to Adobe Admin Console

Once you have been provisioned with an Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) Organization ID, you can now access Adobe Admin Console. See Adobe Admin Console users to learn more about adding users to the Admin Console.


The users have access to AEM Cloud Service Product profile so that they can login to AEM using the Adobe ID or Federated ID.

What’s Next

Now that you have been provisioned with an IMS Organization ID and added as a user to the Adobe Admin Console, you can now add Screens as an add-on to a new program or to an existing program in Cloud Manager.

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