Assigning Channel to a Display in Screens as a Cloud Service

Once the project set up is complete, you must assign the channel to a display to view the content.


This document helps you understand how to assign a channel to a display, once your display is ready and you have added content to your channel and published it. After reading you should be able to understand how to assign a channel to a display from Screens Services Provider.


Before you perform the steps below to assign a channel to a display, you must have finished learning:

  • Creating and Managing Displays
  • Creating and Managing Channels

Steps to Assign a Channel to a Display

Follow the steps below to assign a channel to a display:

  1. Navigate to Screens Services Provider and select Displays from the left navigation panel.

  2. Click on Assign Channel to the display.


  3. Populate the following fields from Assign a channel dialog box.


    1. Select the channel name from the drop-down.
    2. Choose the priority.

      Priority is used to order the assignments in case multiple ones match the playing criteria. The one with the highest value will always take precedence over lower values. For example, if there are two channels A and B. A has a priority of 1 and B has a priority of 2, then channel B is displayed, as it has a higher priority than A.

      1. Select the start date and end date from **Activation**.
  4. Click on + Add recurrence to add a recurrence schedule for your channel.



    You can add multiple recurring schedules to your channel. Recurrence schedules introduces DayParting, that allows you to set a global schedule with multiple channels running at specific times of the day, and re-use that setup for all your displays at once.

    You can set the following options:

    • Name: Title of your recurrence schedule.
    • Repeat: Choose whether the schedule runs Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
    • Start: The start time for your schedule.
    • End: The ending time for your schedule. You can set the it by time or duration.
    • Time: The schedule will end at a specified time.
    • Duration: The schedule runs for a particular duration of time in hours or minutes.
  5. Click on Create and now you will see the that a channel is assigned for that display, as shown in the figure below.


What’s Next

Now, that you have assigned the channel to a display, you should continue your Screens as a Cloud Service journey by next reviewing the document Installing and Configuring Screens Player for AEM as a Cloud Service.

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