Creating Video Renditions in Screens as a Cloud Service

Last update: 2024-01-05


This section describes how to create video renditions used in Screens players.


The steps highlighted in this section must be configured, if you are planning to use videos in Screens channels.

Steps to Create Video Renditions in Screens as a Cloud Service

Follow the steps below to create video renditions in Screens as a Cloud Service from Screens Content Provider:

  1. Navigate to your channel in Screens Content Provider.


    See Using Screens Content Provider for more details.

  2. Click the Tools section from the left navigation bar and click Assets and then click Processing Profiles.

    Click Processing Profiles

  3. Click Create to create a processing profile.

    Click Create

  4. Enter the Name, such as ScreensProcessingProfile.

    Processing Profile dialog box showing Name field highlighted.

  5. Navigate to Video tab so you can add a video encoding, and then click Add New.

    Processing Profile dialog box showing Add New button highlighted.

  6. Enter the Encoding Name such as , screens-fullhd and the Bitrate as 2500.

    Processing Profile dialog box showing Save button highlighted.


    Use the Encoding name that starts with “screens-”. Only these video renditions are considered to play the video experience in Screens as a Cloud Service. Enter the bitrate that works your videos (2500 kbps for 720-px video and 5000 kbps for 1080 px).


    Multiple video renditions can be added with varying width/height/bitrate to work your videos. All the screens, renditions are downloaded by the Screens devices, even though the device plays only video rendition.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Select the Processing profile and click Apply Profile to Folders.

    Apply Profile to Folder

  9. Select the folders where Screens videos are kept and click Apply.

    Click Apply

    • You can create multiple Processing profiles and apply them to the corresponding folders, so that the videos in those folders get the specific video renditions.
    • When you upload any videos to the folder where a Processing profile is applied, videos are processed. Configured renditions are created, which are used by the Screens devices to play the videos.

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