Release Notes for Cloud Manager 2022.11.0 in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

Last update: 2023-06-28

This page documents the release notes for Cloud Manager 2022.11.0 in AEM as a Cloud Service.


See this page for the current release notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

Release Date

The release date for Cloud Manager release 2022.11.0 in AEM as a Cloud Service is 3 November 2022. The next release is planned for 29 November 2022.

What’s New

  • The license dashboard for the AEM Sites solution will now display contract details, including whether or not the tenant is within its subscription.

This feature will be rolled out in a phased manner over the coming weeks to all tenants.

  • When an environment associated with a pipeline has a status which does not allow the pipeline to be executed, the run action is disabled with an explanatory tooltip.
  • An improved message was added to the UI when the Add Program button is disabled due to insufficient entitlements for the tenant.

Bug Fixes

  • Feedback during the edit production pipeline was improved to catch infrequent occurrences of one or more missing environments.

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