Release Notes for Cloud Manager in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2021.5.0

Last update: 2023-06-27

This page outlines the Release Notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service 2021.5.0.


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Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service 2021.5.0 is May 06, 2021.

What’s New

  • The PackageOverlaps quality rule now detects cases where the same package was deployed multiple times, that is, in multiple embedded locations, in the same deployed package set.

  • The repository endpoint in the Public API now includes the Git URL.

  • Deployment log downloaded by a Cloud Manager user is more insightful and will now include details about failures and success scenarios.

  • Intermittent failures encountered while pushing code to Adobe git have now been resolved.

  • Commerce add-on can now be applied to Sandbox programs during the Edit program workflow.

  • The Edit program experience has been refreshed.

  • The Domain Names table in the Environment Details page will display up to 250 Domain names via pagination.

  • The Solutions & Add-ons tab in Add Program and Edit Program workflows will display the solution, even if only one solution is available for the Program.

  • The error message in the build step log when the build did not produce any deployed content packages was unclear.

Bug Fixes

  • On occasion, user may see a green “active” status next to an IP Allow List even when that configuration was not deployed.

  • Instead of removing ‘deleted’ variables, the pipelines variables API would only mark them with status DELETED.

  • Some Code Smell-type quality issues were incorrectly impacting the Reliability Rating.

  • Since wildcard domains are not supported, the UI will disallow the user from submitting a wildcard domain.

  • When a pipeline execution was started between midnight and 1am UTC the artifact version generated by Cloud Manager was not guaranteed to be greater than a version created the prior day.

  • During Sandbox program setup, once the project with sample code has been successfully created, Manage Git will appear as a link from the hero card in the Overview page.

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