Unified Experience for Code Refactoring Tools

We have developed tools to automate some of the code refactoring tasks required to be compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service. To reduce the complexity associated with installation and setup of different code refactoring tools, we have developed a plugin to unify tools that operate on code and repositories.


The Unified Experience plugin provides the following benefits:

  • Unifies tools that work on source code into one node.js application exposed as aio-cli plugin to provide a consistent user experience to the user.

  • Provides ability to execute all tools via a single command, while also providing the flexibility to execute specific tools as needed.

  • Provides extensibility to simplify addition of new tools, while keeping the experience consistent.

Understanding the Plugin

The aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration plugin consists of two main parts:

  • User Interface

    • aio-cli commands to execute one or more code refactoring tools (via chaining the tools to be executed sequentially).
    • config.yaml which takes in the required input parameters.
  • Underlying Code Refactoring Tool Suite

    The code refactoring tools execute their functionalities by:

    • Scanning the respective section of customer’s code and manipulating the code (based on code implementation for best practices) to produce the output which can then be validated and deployed.

    • Producing a summary report to record the operations performed during execution.


Refer to Git Resource: aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration to learn about the usage and how you can contribute to this plugin code that is open sourced in GitHub.


Currently the plugin is integrated with AEM Dispatcher Converter and Repository Modernizer.

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