Index Converter

Index Converter is a utility developed to migrate a customer’s Index Definitions in preparation for the move to AEM as a Cloud Service.


The Index Converter allows AEM developers to migrate existing Custom Oak Index Definitions to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible Custom Oak Index Definitions.


Index Converter only transforms lucene type Custom Oak Index Definitions which are present under /apps or /oak:index. It does not transform lucene type indexes which are created for nt:base.

There are two ways to create Custom Oak Index Definitions:

  • under /apps (through any custom content package)
  • directly under /oak:index path

If Ensure Oak Index was used, please note that Ensure Definitions are not supported on AEM as a Cloud Service, and hence they need to be converted to Oak Index Definitions first and then need to be migrated to Custom Oak Index Definitions that are compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service as per below guidelines:

  • If property ignore is set to true, ignore or skip the Ensure Definition
  • Update the jcr:primaryType to oak:QueryIndexDefinition
  • Remove any properties that are to be ignored as mentioned in OSGi configurations
  • Remove subtree /facets/jcr:content from Ensure Definition

Using the Index Converter

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