AEM as a cloud service is open to the internet and security is handled through user authentication and authorization. IP Allow listing is a feature in Cloud Manager used for limiting and controlling access only to trusted users. This feature enables users with permissions to create Allow-lists of trusted IP addresses from which their sites users can access their AEM domains.


A maximum of 50 IP Allow Lists can be added in your program and a maximum of 50 IP/CIDR addresses can be added to each IP Allow List.

IP Allow lists can be added once and applied/unapplied multiple times as a unit or entity to an Author and/or Publisher service in an environment.


IP Allow Lists names are supported in Cloud Manager for Author and/or Publish service in an environment.

Using the Cloud Manager UI IP Allow List page, or the Environment Details page, a user with permissions can perform several tasks to manage IP Allow Lists for your environments, including:

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