Metadata - Fragment Properties

Last update: 2024-02-22

See how you can view and edit the metadata properties for Content Fragments in AEM to adjust your headless content.


Content Fragments are a Sites feature, but are stored as Assets.

There are two editors for authoring Content Fragments. This section covers the original editor, primarily accessed from the Assets console. See the Sites documentation, Content Fragments - Authoring, for details of the new editor (primarily accessed from the Content Fragments console).

Editing Properties / Meta data

You can view and edit the metadata (properties) for content fragments:

  1. In the Assets console navigate to the location of the content fragment.

  2. Either:

    Metadata in side panel

  3. The Basic tab provides options that you can view or edit:

    • Thumbnail, for which you can Upload Image

    • Content Fragment Model indicates the model used to create the current fragment

    • Title

    • Description

    • Tags

      • Tags are particularly powerful when organizing your fragments as they can be used for content classification and taxonomy. Tags can be used for the purpose of finding content (by tags) and applying bulk operations.
        For example, you can tag relevant fragments as “Christmas launch” to allow browsing only these as a subset, or to copy them for use with another future launch in a new folder.


        Tags can also be added when authoring your Variation content and when creating Variations.

    • Created (display only)

    For example:
    Example of Metadata

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