Release Notes for 2019.1.0

Last update: 2022-07-08
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The Cloud Manager 2018.9.0 Release adds support testing AEM Assets programs as well as additional pipeline types which run the build and code quality steps, optionally deploying to a non-production environment.

Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2019.1.0 is January 17, 2019.

What’s New

  • Added support for performance testing of AEM Assets. Please refer to the document Configure Production Pipelines to learn more.
  • Added support for pipelines running only build and code quality steps and pipelines deploying to non-production environments. Please refer to the document Configure Non-Production Pipelines to learn more.
  • Added support for custom environment variables in build environment.
  • For customers with multiple stage or production environments, selection of which environment will be deployed to as part of the production pipeline is available. Please refer to the document Configure Production Pipelines to learn more.
  • httxt2dbm has been added to build container.
  • All help menu items open a new tab.

Bug Fixes

  • While editing a program, it was possible to de-select all page sets.
  • The approval step was incorrectly titled.
  • In some situations, the program logo was incorrectly matted.
  • If only dispatcher configuration package was built, the deployment step would fail.
  • Environments which contained cold standby instances were not handled correctly.
  • Some terminated programs appeared on the program switcher.
  • If a new branch was added to the git repository while the pipeline was being edited, it may not have been immediately been selectable.
  • On some screens, the Developer Connection icon in the Help menu was not visible.
  • The tab key was not handled properly in the dispatcher flushing configuration dialog.

Known Issues

  • When opening a program which has Sites, but not Assets, KPIs set, all users see a call to action card with a Setup Program button. However, only users in the Business Owner role can actually click on the Setup Program button.

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