Release Notes

Get an insight into the new features, enhancements, critical issues fixed, and known issues in the Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal 2021.02.0 release.

Release Information

Product Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal
Version 2021.02.0
Date February 2021


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets Brand Portal helps you easily acquire, control, and securely distribute approved creative assets to external parties and internal business users across devices. It helps improve the efficiency of asset sharing, accelerates the time-to-market for assets, and reduces the risk of non-compliance and unauthorized access. Brand Portal allows users to browse, search, preview, download, and export assets in corporate-approved formats—anytime, anywhere.

What’s New in 2021.02.0

New Features

This release includes the following new features:

  • AEM Assets as a Cloud Service is now entitled to have a pre-configured Brand Portal instance. The Cloud Manager user can activate Brand Portal on the AEM Assets as a Cloud Service instance.

  • Asset Sourcing feature is now available on AEM Assets as a Cloud Service. It allows the Brand Portal users to upload assets to the permitted contribution folders and publish the contribution folder from Brand Portal to AEM Assets as a Cloud Service instance.

  • An additional Asset Download setting has been introduced under the Download Settings. It creates a separate folder for each asset while downloading the folders, collections, or bulk download of assets.


This release includes the following enhancements:

  • For folder download, a separate folder is created for each asset using share link irrespective of the Download Settings.
  • The Brand Portal Usage Report has been modified to reflect only the active Brand Portal users.

Critical Issues Fixed

This release includes fixes to the following critical issues:

  • In case only the original assets are downloaded, the asset reflects its own extension and does not open until the extension is manually changed to zip.
  • The user interface of the collection folder does not respond on clicking the navigation arrow.
  • Create button is visible in the Column view even when the folders are empty.
  • Omni search fails with a 414 error message (Request-URI Too Long) if the dispatcher is bypassed while accessing the Brand Portal instance.
  • An empty zip folder is downloaded if the asset contains a comma (,) in the file name.
  • The viewer users get the option to add users to the collection they have created.
  • Inconsistent behavior is experienced when an asset (thumbnail or web rendition) is downloaded using share link.

See what’s new in Brand Portal 2021.02.0.

Known Issues

This release includes the following known issue:

  • The users are not receiving email notifications for the Asset Sourcing publishing workflows.


The Brand Portal user interface is available in following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean

Certified Platforms

To ascertain which platforms are certified to run with this release of Brand Portal, refer to the Support for Touch-optimized UI column in the table in the Supported Browsers for Authoring User Interface section of Technical Requirements.

Product Access and Support (Restricted Sites)

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and require access, contact your Adobe account manager.

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