Speed up the Brand Portal downloads

Brand Portal allows enhancing the download performance of large asset files by integrating with IBM Aspera Connect, which is an install-on-demand application. The application uses proprietary technology to remove TCP overheads and helps improve transfer speed of the asset files. This integration ensures enhanced download experience.


Download speed varies for users as it depends upon factors such as network bandwidth, server latency, and geographical location of clients.

The Fast Download configuration is by default enabled, which significantly reduces the time taken to download the desired asset files from Brand Portal.

Prerequisites to accelerate file download

To download the files faster, ensure the following:

Download domains

Following are the download domains for different geographies:

Region Code Domain
NA OR1 downloads-na1.brand-portal.adobe.com
NA VA5 downloads-na2.brand-portal.adobe.com
EMEA LON5 downloads-emea1.brand-portal.adobe.com
APAC SIN2 downloads-apac1.brand-portal.adobe.com

Sample download performance using file accelerator

The following table shows download performance for 2 GB file using Aspera Connect file download accelerator:

The observed results do vary due to factors such as network bandwidth, server latency, and client location, considering Brand Portal server is at Oregon (United States).

Client location Latency between client and server (milliseconds) Speed with Aspera Connect File Transfer Accelerator (MBps) Time taken to download 2 GB file with Aspera File Transfer Accelerator (seconds)
U.S. West (N. California) 18 36 57
U.S. West (Oregon) 42 36 57
U.S. East (N. Virginia) 85 35 58
APAC (Tokyo) 124 36 57
Noida (India) 275 13.36 153
Sydney 175 29 70
London 179 35 58
Singapore 196 34 60

Download workflow using file accelerator

To download assets faster from Brand Portal:

  1. Log in to Brand Portal using a supported browser.

  2. Browse and Select the folders or assets you want to download. From the toolbar at the top, click the Download icon. the Download dialog appears with the Asset(s) and Enable download acceleration check boxes selected by default.


    The functionality to send email notification with the link to download assets is presently not supported while faster downloads are enabled.

  3. Click Download.

    To speed up the download experience on your Brand Portal tenant account, you need to have Aspera Connect client application installed in your browser’s extension.

  4. Download Aspera Connect Client

    If Aspera Connect client is not installed on your system or the existing Aspera Connect client is out of date, a prompt is displayed on the browser page from where you can download the system-specific Aspera Connect client by selecting Download Latest Version.

    To download the latest version of Aspera Connect from https://downloads.asperasoft.com/connect2/, select Download Now and follow the instructions.

  5. Install Aspera Connect Client

    To install IBM Aspera Connect client setup, run the setup from .msi file of IBM Aspera Connect client application and follow the installation wizard.

  6. Once the client is successfully installed, refresh the browser page and initiate the download steps again.

    When using Aspera Connect for the first time, the browser prompts to open the link using IBM Aspera Connect. To skip this dialog in future, enable Remember my choice for FASP links.


    This message is different on the different browsers.

  7. A dialog box confirms whether to proceed the transfer or not. Select Allow to begin.
    To skip this dialog in future, enable Use my choice for all connections with this host.
    Download begins. A dialog box shows the progress of the download. Use the dialog box to pause, resume, or cancel the download.
    Aspera Connect application provides an Activity Window on the system where user can view and manage all transfer sessions. For more information, refer Aspera Connect Client documentation.

On successful completion of the download, a dialog box shows the location where assets are downloaded onto the user’s system. If there is a failure, it shows error.


There is a known limitation in Aspera Connect client application that no prompt to select download location appears if Always ask me where to save downloaded files is enabled under the tab Transfers within Preferences. Before any download begins, provide the location in the text box Save downloaded files to.

Using file accelerator on Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge runs in Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) preventing communication with the Aspera Connect server, while on same private network or with a Trusted Site. Therefore, a pop- up shows up every time a connection with the server is being established.

To use accelerated download functionality on Microsoft Edge, remove the Brand Portal site from the trusted site list.

  1. Open the Control Panel (Window key + X, then select Control Panel).
  2. Go to Network and Internet > Internet Options. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click the Trusted sites zone, then click Sites.
  4. Remove Brand Portal site from the list.

Aspera Connect client Preferences

There are a few useful preferences which can be set in IBM Aspera Connect Client preference by right clicking the icon and selecting Preferences.

You can set the default download location.

Also, the Aspera Connect client can be marked to automatically start on system startup so that the connect client is running and available for the download to begin faster.

Troubleshoot issues with download acceleration

If download acceleration is not working for you, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check that ports are not blocked, by visiting https://test-connect.asperasoft.com from your machine.

    If ports are not OK, then reach out to your network team and ensure that Ports 33001 (both TCP & UDP) are not blocked in the firewall.

  2. If the ports are OK then check if your network is not slow, by measuring the available bandwidth using https://www.speedtest.net/.

    If the bandwidth is a few (1-10 Mbps) or in Kbps, then use Aspera Preferences and try to limit the bandwidth equal to the available bandwidth.

  3. To confirm whether the downloads from Aspera demo server are working, use https://demo.asperasoft.com/aspera/user.
    (login: asperaweb , password: demoaspera )

  4. If none of the above troubleshooting steps work, deselect the option Enable Download Acceleration and use the normal download.

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