First-time login experience

The first-time login experience is same for all new Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal users, including Administrators. After an Administrator adds you to your organization’s Brand Portal account, you need not accept invitations, you are automatically added. You receive a welcome email that contains a link to your organization’s Brand Portal account.

Following are the steps to be performed for the users logging in to Brand Portal for the first time:

  1. Open the welcome email, and click Get Started.

  2. In the sign-up page, specify your details (including first name, last name, password, and country/region).


    If you are an existing Adobe Marketing Cloud user, a sign-in page is displayed instead of the sign-up page. To log in to Adobe Marketing Cloud, enter your Adobe ID and password.


    If your organization uses enterprise IDs, instead of viewing this sign-up page, you are redirected to the enterprise login page. For more information, see Enterprise ID, sign in, and account help.

  3. Click Continue to proceed to your organization’s Brand Portal page.

  4. From the Brand Portal sign-in page, click Sign In to log in to Brand Portal.

    Brand Portal Sign in page


    To be able to log in to Brand Portal, you must be entitled to at least one Experience Manager Assets product profile.

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