Release notes of Assets Essentials

The current release of Assets Essentials is released on December 16, 2021. With this release:

  • Adobe deploys Assets Essentials automatically after completing the provisioning process. The administrators do not need to perform additional steps to deploy Assets Essentials using Cloud Manager user interface. This automatic deployment will be available for environments provisioned after 6 January 2022.
  • New versions of Creative Cloud plugins working with Assets Essentials are available on Adobe Exchange - Adobe Asset Link for Adobe XD v 2.1.0 and Adobe Asset Link for Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator v 3.1.65.
  • Various bugfixes and product enhancements, including previous known issues (folders now display correctly in the left navigation tree after upload, drag and drop upload allows user to select either current folder or any subfolder when dropping for upload).

To know more about the solution, see the introduction to Assets Essentials. To start using the features, see get started.

Known issues

The list of known issues of Assets Essentials offering is revised and updated on an ongoing basis:

  • None

If you come across any issues or even enhancement requests, provide feedback to the team.

Past releases

2021.8.0 release

Assets Essentials 2021.8.0 is released on August 30, 2021, with the following updates:

  • Integrations with Adobe Workfront that lets Workfront users manage their digital assets in the context of managing their work. For more information, see integrations with other Adobe solutions.

2021.7.0 release

Assets Essentials 2021.7.0 is released on July 29, 2021, with the following updates:

  • You can create and manage customized metadata forms to be used for displaying metadata properties to users in the asset detail screen in Metadata Forms option under Settings. See metadata forms.
  • Various bug fixes and product improvements, including better performance when uploading a nested folder with many subfolders.

2021.6.0 release

The first release of Assets Essentials, made available on June 21, 2021, offers lightweight asset management capabilities. It supports the following major features and CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations:

  • Upload and add assets, including nested folders. Preview the assets and versions.
  • Full-text search, nuanced search filters, and saved searches for rapid asset discovery.
  • Basic asset management operations like update, delete, download, and manage metadata.
  • Assets Essentials is available to Adobe Journey Optimizer users to manage the assets when creating messages. For more information, see integrations with other Adobe solutions.

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