Trying out Content Fragments in We.Retail

Content Fragments let you create channel-neutral content, together with (possibly channel-specific) variations. We.Retail (as available in an out-of-the-box instance of Adobe Experience Manager) provides the fragment Arctic Surfing in Lofoten as a basic sample. This illustrates that:

For the full documentation on creating, managing, using, and developing content fragments:


Content Fragments and Experience Fragments are different features within AEM:

  • Content Fragments are editorial content, primarily text, and related images. They are pure content, without design and layout.
  • Experience Fragments are fully laid out content; a fragment of a web page.

Experience Fragments can contain content in the form of Content Fragments, but not the other way around.

Where to Find Content Fragments in We.Retail

There are several sample content fragments in We.Retail; navigate via Assets, Files, We.Retail, English, Experiences.

These include Arctic Surfing in Lofoten, a fragment together with related visual assets:


You can select and edit the Arctic Surfing in Lofoten fragment:

Here you can edit and manage your fragment using the tabs (left side panel):


Where Content Fragments are Used in We.Retail

To illustrate page authoring with a content fragment there are several example pages provided under, for example:

For example, the Arctic Surfing in Lofoten content fragment is referenced in the Sites page:


Further Information

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