Use demo package for Assets Insights

Last update: 2023-09-21
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Using the demo package, you can enable Adobe Assets Insights to capture data from and generate insights for a sample web page.

Use Experience Manager Assets Insights with sample web page

  1. Configure Assets Insights using the instructions in Configuring Assets Insights.

  2. Download the sample Assets package from below and install the package from the CRXDE Package Manager.

    Get File

  3. Download the ZIP file containing the sample web page from below and extract on your local file system.

    Get File

  4. Click the web page which opens in the web browser.


    Web Page is configured to load assets from the localhost server . In case your server is running somewhere else, change the server address from localhost to the server address in the HTML content of the web page.


    The external web page can be in Experience Manager itself.

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