Social Graph Essentials

Last update: 2023-10-19
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The ability for a Community member to follow activities and be followed is established through two components:

The following component must be associated with another resource, and this association is already established for existing Communities members and features in a community site.

The following component lists the members that are either following the current member or are being followed by the current member. This social graph of the relationships between members is included in the user profile established for a community site.

Essentials for Client-Side


resourceType social/socialgraph/components/hbs/relationships
includable No
templates /libs/social/socialgraph/components/hbs/relationships/relationships.hbs
css /libs/social/socialgraph/components/hbs/relationships/clientlibs/relationships.css
properties See Using Social Graph
  • Name: outgoing
  • Type: Boolean
  • Value:
    • True - The following component lists the members who the signed-in member follows
    • False - The following component lists the members who follow the signed-in member

Defaults to true if the property is missing. It is not possible to set this property using the edit dialog in Author mode. The property must be added to an instance of the following node by using CRXDE|Lite.


resourceType social/socialgraph/components/hbs/following
includable No
templates /libs/social/socialgraph/components/hbs/following/following.hbs
css /libs/social/socialgraph/components/hbs/following/clientlibs/following.css

Essentials for Server-Side

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