Using Voting

The Voting component is a useful tool that allows community members to rate a particular piece of content, such as an answer within a QnA component. With the Voting component, members select up or down arrows to indicate their opinion.

Adding Voting to a Page

To add a Voting component to a page in author mode, use the component browser to locate Communities / Voting and drag it into place on a page, such as a position relative to the feature for users to vote on.

For necessary information, visit Communities Components Basics.

When the required client-side libraries are included, this is how the Voting component will appear.


Configuring Voting

Select the placed Voting component to access and select the Configure icon which opens the edit dialog.


Under the Texts & Labels tab, specify the properties used to record votes.


  • Positive Response Label

    (Required) The internal property name for a positive response.

  • Negative Response Label

    (Required) The internal property name for a negative response.

  • Tally Name

    (Required) The internal, identifiable property name for this instance of a voting component.

Site Visitor Experience


Members may only vote once, but may change their vote at any time.


Anonymous voting is not supported. Site visitors must register (become a member) and sign in to participate in voting once.

Additional Information

More information may be found on the Voting Essentials page for developers.

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