JSRP - JCR Storage Resource Provider

Last update: 2023-09-13
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About JSRP

When AEM Communities uses JSRP as its storage option (the default), community content is stored in the JCR, and user-generated content (UGC) is accessible only from the author or publish instance to which it was posted.

Because of the simplicity of deployment, JSRP is best suited for demonstration or development environments of one Publish instance and one Author instance.

See also Characteristics of SRP Options and Recommended Topologies.


Select JSRP

By default, JSRP is the storage option for UGC.

The Storage Configuration console allows for the selection of the default storage configuration, which identifies which implementation of SRP to use.

In the author environment, to reach the Storage Configuration console

  • From global navigation: Tools > Communities > Storage Configuration

  • Select JCR Storage Resource Provider (JSRP)

  • Select Submit


Publishing the Configuration

While JSRP is the default configuration, to ensure the identical configuration is set in the publish environment:

  • From global navigation: Tools > Deployment > Replication

  • Select Activate Tree > Start Path:

    • Browse to /conf/global/settings/community/srpc/
  • Select Activate

Managing User Data

For information regarding users, user profiles and user groups, often entered in the publish environment, visit:


UGC Not Visible in JCR

Make sure that JSRP has been configured to be the default provider by checking the configuration of the storage option. By default, the storage resource provider is JSRP.

On all Author and Publish AEM instances, revisit the Storage Configuration console, or check the AEM repository:

UGC Not Visible on Author Instance

This is not a bug. A characteristic of JSRP is that community content entered in the publish environment is only visible in the Publish environment.

UGC Not Visible on Publish Instance

If a single Publish instance or if a publish cluster is deployed, then follow the instructions for UGC Not Visible in JCR.

If a publish farm is deployed, a characteristic of JSRP is that community content is only visible on the Publish instance to which it was posted.

For UGC to be visible from any Publish instance, a publish cluster is required.

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