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AEM 6.5 user guides

Guida utente Descrizione
Note sulla versione Provides important information about the latest release of AEM, including what's new, supported platforms, deprecated and removed features, and known issues.
Guida utente di Assets Learn how to create, manage, deliver, and optimize digital assets.
🔗 This guide describes how to create, manage, publish, and update digital forms.
🔗 Crea esperienze online come forum, gruppi di utenti, risorse di apprendimento e altre funzioni social.
Guida all’amministrazione Come amministrare AEM
Guida all’authoring This guide explains the concepts of authoring in AEM.
🔗 This guide explains the concepts of authoring in AEM in the classic user interface.
🔗 Learn about the digital signage solution to publish dynamic and interactive digital experiences.
🔗 This guide shows you the basics of AEM.
🔗 Learn how to build out your AEM instance.
🔗 This guide describes how to manage an AEM project successfully.
🔗 This guide describes how to create and manage content for mobile applications.
AEM Livefyre This guide shows you how to share user-generated content with Livefyre.

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