Smart Content Service Release Notes

Overview of the Smart Content Service and known issues around the service.

Organizations require their digital assets to be tagged based on the taxonomy that employees, partners, and customers use to refer to and search digital assets. Compared to generic tags, assets that are tagged based on business taxonomy are more easily identified and retrieved by tag-based searches.

The Smart Content Service uses your business taxonomy of AEM Assets to automatically tag digital assets, which ensures that the most relevant assets appear in searches.

You must train the Smart Content Service on a curated set of AEM assets and tags to recognize your business taxonomy. Once trained, the service can apply these tags on a similar set of assets.

The Smart Content Service is powered by the Adobe Sensei platform, which enables you to train the image recognition algorithm on your business taxonomy. This content intelligence is then used to apply relevant tags on similar assets.

Key improvements

The Smart Content Service includes the following key improvements:

  • Algorithm optimizations to further improve model precision, recall values
  • Fixes for issues around clustering and connection, which enhance the robustness of service

Product Access and Support (Restricted Sites)

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and require access, contact your Adobe account manager.

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