These are examples to help in learning and working with AEM 6.1 Communities social component framework (SCF).

Client-Side Customization

See also SCF client-side customization.

Server-Side Customization

See also SCF server-side customization.

Sample code is available in the Adobe Marketing Cloud GitHub repository:

How-to Instructions

Demo Users

The Geometrixx samples package includes demo users. There is often a difference in experience between being a visitor (not logged in) or a member (logged in) and, as long as the Geometrixx samples packages remain installed, you may use these users to simulate a logged in state when exploring with the Community Components guide.

For a full list of the demo users, navigate using the Rail to Tools > Operations > Security > Users. Or use the Classic UI security console for managing users and groups.

If a community ste has been created, it is possible to assign demo users to its community user groups.

user id / password:

  • aaron.mcdonald@mailinator.com / password
  • emily.andrews@mailinator.com / password
  • weston.mccall@dodgit.com / password
  • andrew.schaeffer@trashymail.com / password
  • rebekah.larsen@trashymail.com / password

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