Community Group Essentials


AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

The community groups feature is the ability for a sub-community to be dynamically created within a community site by authorized users from the publish and author environments.

As of Communities feature pack 1, it is possible for groups to be nested within other groups

Essentials for Client-Side

Community Groups Member List

resourceType social/group/components/hbs/communitygroupmemberlist
templates /libs/social/group/components/hbs/communitygroupmemberlist/communitygroupmemberlist.hbs
css /libs/social/group/components/hbs/communitygroupmemberlist/clientlibs/memberList.css
properties See Community Group

Community Groups

resourceType social/group/components/hbs/communitygroups
templates /libs/social/group/components/hbs/communitygroups/communitygroups.hbs
css /libs/social/group/components/hbs/communitygroupmemberlist/clientlibs/communitygroups.css

Essentials for Server-Side

Groups Function

A community site structure that includes a Groups function will support the creation of new community groups from the publish and author environments. The community group created will include a community groups member list component that will list the members of the group.

One or more community group templates, which provide the design of the community group page(s), may be configured for the Groups function when the function is being added to a community site template or nested within a community group template.

The inclusion of multiple community group templates results in a choice of design being presented to the authorized user at the time a new community group is created for the community site, as shown in the section on community groups for authors.

Nested Groups

As of Communities FP1, it is possible for a Groups function to be included within a group template, thus allowing for nested groups (sub-communities).

When a community site or group template includes the Groups function, it is possible to

  • Create a sub-community in the author environment
  • Create a group in the publish environment, when configured to allow it

When creating a group in the author environment, it is necessary to first publish the community site, and then to publish the group. Publishing the community site will publish the pages of the group, without creating the sub-community’s member groups to which ACLs are set. Thus, a restricted (secret) group may be visible until the group is explicitly published.

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