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AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

This page provides the essential information for working with the catalog feature of enablement community sites.

The catalog feature, when included in a community site, allows community members to browse and select enablement resources listed in a catalog.

The enablement catalog component allows community members to access a catalog of enablement resources. The use of AEM tags is an important part of managing the appearance of enablement resources in a catalog.

See Tagging Enablement Resources.

Essentials for Client-Side

resourceType social/enablement/components/hbs/catalog
includable No
templates /libs/social/enablement/components/hbs/catalog/catalog.hbs
css /libs/social/enablement/components/hbs/catalog/clientlibs/catalog.css
properties See Catalog Feature

Essentials for Server-Side

Catalog Function

A community site structure that includes the Catalog function, includes a configured enablement catalog component.


When a Catalog function has been added to a community site, it is possible to restrict the enablement resources and learning paths which appear in the catalog by specifying a pre-filter. This is done by setting properties on the instance of the catalog resource for the site.

Using the example of the Enablement Tutorial:

  • On author

  • Using CRXDE

  • Navigate to the catalog resource on the catalog page

    • For example, /content/sites/enable/en/catalog/jcr:content/content/primary/catalog
  • Add a child filters node

    • Select the catalognode

    • Select Create Node

      • Name: filters
      • Type: nt:unstructured
    • Select Save All

  • Add se_resource-tags property to the filters node

    • Select the filters node

    • Add a Multi property

      • Name: se_resource-tags

      • Type: String

      • Value: <enter a TagID>

      • Select Multi

      • Select Add

        • In popup dialog, select + to add additional pre-filter TagIDs
  • Re-publish the community site


Pre-filter TagIDs

The pre-filter TagIDs must exactly match the tags applied to the enablement resources. These are visible in the resources folder for the site as the values of the property se_resource-tags.


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