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AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

Add a ClientLibraryFolder (clientlibs)

Create a ClientLibraryFolder named clientlibswhich will contain the JS and CSS used to render the pages of your site.

The categoriesproperty value given to this client library is the identifier used to directly include this clientlib from a content page or to embed it in other clientlibs.

  1. Using CRXDE Lite, expand /etc/designs

  2. Right click on an-scf-sandbox and select Create Node

    • Name: clientlibs
    • Type: cq:ClientLibraryFolder
  3. Click OK


In the Properties tab for the new clientlibs node, enter the categories property:

  • Name: categories
  • Type: String
  • Value:
  • Click Add
  • Click Save All

Note: prefacing the categories value with ‘apps.’ is a convention to identify the ‘owning application’ as being in the /apps folder, not /libs. IMPORTANT: Add placeholder js.txt and css.txt files. (It’s not officially a cq:ClientLibraryFolder without them.)

  1. Right click on /etc/designs/an-scf-sandbox/clientlibs

  2. Select Create File…

  3. Enter Name: css.txt

  4. Select Create File…

  5. Enter Name: js.txt

  6. Click Save All


The first line of the css.txt and js.txt identifies the base location from which the following lists of files are to be found.

Try setting the content of css.txt to:


Then create a file under clientlibs named style.css, and set the content to:

body {

background-color: #b0c4de;


Embed SCF Clientlibs

In the Properties tab for the clientlibs node, enter the multi-value String property embed. This will embed the necessary client-side libraries (clientlibs) for SCF components. For this tutorial we will add many of the clientlibs necessary for the Communities components.

Note that this may or may not be the desired approach to use for a production site as there are considerations of convenience versus size/speed of the clientlibs downloaded for every page.

If only using one feature on one page, you could include that feature’s complete clientlib directly on the page, e.g., <% ui:includeClientLib" %>

In this case, we’re including them all, and so would prefer the more basic SCF clientlibs which are the author clientlibs:

  • Name: embed

  • Type: String

  • Click Multi

  • Value:

    <enter> will pop up a dialog

    Click [+] after each entry to add the following clientlib categories:

    • cq.ckeditor
    • Click OK
  • Click Save All


This is how /etc/designs/an-scf-sandbox/clientlibs should now appear in the repository:


Include Clientlibs in PlayPage Template

Without including the ClientLibraryFolder category on the page, the SCF components will not be functional nor styled as the necessary Javascript(s) and style(s) will not be available.

For example, without including the clientlibs, the SCF comments component appears unstyled:


Once clientlibs is included, the SCF comments component appears styled:


The include statement belongs in the <head> section of the <html> script. The default foundation head.jsp includes a script that can be overlaid: headlibs.jsp.

Copy headlibs.jsp and include clientlibs:

  1. Using CRXDE Lite, select /libs/foundation/components/page/headlibs.jsp

  2. Right click and select Copy (or select Copy from the tool bar)

  3. Select /apps/an-scf-sandbox/components/playpage

  4. Right click and select Paste (or select Paste from the tool bar)

  5. Double click on headlibs.jsp to open it

  6. Append the following line to the end of the file

    <ui:includeClientLib categories=""/>

  7. Click Save All

<%@ page session="false" %><%
%><%@include file="/libs/foundation/global.jsp" %><%
%><ui:includeClientLib categories=""/><%
<cq:include script="/libs/cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicelibs/servicelibs.jsp"/>
<% currentDesign.writeCssIncludes(pageContext); %>
<ui:includeClientLib categories=""/>

Load your website in the browser and see if the background is not a shade of blue.



Saving Your Work So Far

At this point, there exists a minimalist sandbox, and it might be worth saving as a package so that, while playing, if your respository becomes corrupt and you desire to start over, you can turn your server off, rename or delete the folder crx-quickstart/, turn your server on, upload and install this saved package, and not have to repeat these most basic of steps.

This package exists on the Create a Sample Page tutorial for those who can’t wait to just jump in and start playing!..

To create a package:

  • From CRXDE Lite, click the Package icon

  • Click Create Package

    • Package Name: an-scf-sandbox-minimal-pkg
    • Version: 0.1
    • Group: <leave as default>
    • Click OK
  • Click Edit

    • Select Filters tab

      • Click Add filter
      • Root Path: <browse to /apps/an-scf-sandbox>
      • Click Done
      • Click Add filter
      • Root Path: <browse to /etc/designs/an-scf-sandbox>
      • Click Done
      • Click Add filter
      • Root Path: <browse to /content/an-scf-sandbox>
      • Click Done
    • Click Save

  • Click Build

Now you can select Download to save it to disk and Upload Package elsewhere, as well as select More > Replicate in order to push the sandbox to a localhost publish instance to expand the realm of your sandbox.

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