Tagging Enablement Resources

Last update: 2023-05-03
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AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.


Tagging of enablement resources allows for filtering of resources and learning paths as members browse catalogs.


Community Site Tags

When creating or editing a community site, the Tagging setting sets the scope of tags available for features of the site by selecting a subset of existing tag namespaces.

While tags may be created and added to the community site at any time, it is recommended to design a taxonomy beforehand, similar to designing a database. See Using Tags.

When later adding tags to an existing community site, it is necessary to save the edit before being able to add the new tag to a catalog function in the site’s structure.

For a community site, after the site is published and the tags are published, it is necessary to enable read access to members of the community. See Setting Tag Permissions.

The following is how it appears in CRXDE when an administrator applies read permissions to /etc/tags/ski-catalog for the group Community Enable Members.


Catalog Tag Namespaces

The catalog feature uses tags to define itself. When configuring the catalog function in a community site, the set of tag namespaces to choose from are defined by the scope of tag nmespaces set for the community site.

The Catalog function includes a tag setting which defines the tags listed in the filter UI for the catalog. The setting “All Namespaces” refers to the scope of tag namespaces selected for the community site.


Applying Tags to Enablement Resources

Enablement resources and learning paths will appear in all catalog when Show in Catalog is checked. Adding tags to resources and learning paths will allow for pre-filtering into specific catalogs as well as filtering in the catalog UI.

Restricting enablement resources and learning paths to specific catalogs is accomplished by creating pre-filters.

The catalog UI allows for visitors to apply a tag filter to the list of resources and learning paths that appear in that catalog.

The administrator applying the tags to enablement resources must be aware of the tag namespaces associated with the catalogs, as well as the taxonomy in order to select a sub-tag for more refined categorization.

For example, if a ski-catalog namespace were created and set on a catalog named Ski Catalog, it might have two child tags: lesson-1 and lesson-2.

Thus, any enablement resource tagged with one of:

  • ski-catalog:
  • ski-catalog:lesson-1
  • ski-catalog:lesson-2

will appear in Ski Catalog after the enablement resource has been published.


Viewing Catalog on Publish

Once everything has been setup from the author environment and published, the experience of using the catalog to find enablement resources can be experienced in the publish environment.

If no tag namespaces appear in the drop-down, ensure the permissions have been set properly in the publish environment.

If tag namespaces were added and are missing, ensure the tags and the site were re-published.

If no enablement resources appear after selecting a tag when viewing the catalog, ensure there is a tag from the catalog’s namespace(s) applied to the enablement resource.


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