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The monthly newsletter is now discontinued. However, you can still access the newsletter archives below.

The Dynamic Media newsletter by Experience League was designed to help you get up to speed with Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic so that you could start realizing value right away.

In this one-stop shop archived newsletter, you can find valuable knowledge-building resources such as how-to videos and solution overviews. There are also introductions to key features and capabilities like image presets, viewer presets, and video profiles.

Dynamic Media newsletter archive

  • April 2020, Issue 3

    In this issue:

    • Discover three ways your rich media investment can help during these challenging times.
    • Sign up for the webinar to learn how to lighten your page load with Smart Imaging.
    • Watch the on-demand Skill Builder webinars for Dynamic Media Classic.
    • View the Dynamic Media sessions from Online Adobe Summit 2020.
    • Learn more about free Dynamic Media Classic audits.
    • Meet John Monroe, Senior Program Manager for Customer Success Services.