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New Dynamic Media Classic Interface Coming in First Half of 2020
Dynamic Media Classic users can expect a refresh of their user interface in the first half of 2020. The experience will deliver an updated log-in with links to valuable resources. Plus, this update will no longer rely on Adobe Flash technology in the browser. Be sure to read our FAQ and stay tuned for more details in the coming months.
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Powerful New Security Features That Protect the Delivery of Your Rich Media Content
Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic offer cutting-edge content delivery network (CDN) capabilities that include three new and valuable security features to keep ahead of today’s sophisticated attackers:
  • Rate controls to protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that flag and stop suspiciously rapid requests while continuing to protect against slower Post attacks.
  • Referrer filtering prevents unauthorized websites from using your hosted content URLs.
  • Network list management that allows or blocks traffic based on IP addresses. Classless interdomain routing (CIDC) blocks geographies based on your whitelists, blacklists, geo-blocking and Akamai’s continually updated list of known malicious resources.
Adobe Is Prepped and Ready for Your Peak Holiday Traffic
We take the experience of your customers seriously, so as we approach the biggest traffic days of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Monday — here's how we've got your back:
  • Upgraded the network and storage of all our data centers
  • Performed data center failover testing
  • Validated our ability to isolate peak loads for individual customers in the public cloud
  • Verified our ability to handle peak loads by adding public cloud capacity (if needed) 
  • Completed performance testing and capacity planning
  • Ready to closely monitor and troubleshoot
It's taking proactive measures like these with Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic that's let us deliver excellent uptime for the past 12 years. So breathe easy and have a great holiday season.
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Apoorva Gupta, Senior Product Manager
Apoorva is the newest member of the Dynamic Media team, joining in September to take on the role of Senior Product Manager for Adobe Experience Manager Assets - Dynamic Media. In that role, she’ll be responsible for defining the product strategy, roadmap, and features so that Dynamic Media customers can maximize the value they get from their rich media solution.

Apoorva says, “I derive great satisfaction from building an experience that our customers love and are able to seamlessly integrate into their day-to-day work. A big part of that is connecting with all our stakeholders.” She looks forward to assuming end-to-end ownership of Dynamic Media starting next year and using her three go-to Cs — collaboration, communication, and customers — to build upon the product’s already strong foundation.
Get More Value From Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic on Experience League
Experience League is the place to go to quickly get up to speed with Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic so that you can start realize value right away. Check out all the valuable knowledge-building resources available in this one-stop shop, including how to videos, solution overviews, and introductions to some of the key features and capabilities like image presets, viewer presets, video profiles, and more.
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  • Get to value with Dynamic Media Classic. Explore
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