No Project Template Available


Although the customer’s user has all the necessary privileges assigned in the Admin Console, including Admin rights, whenever trying to create a new project from AEM Start - Projects - Create - Project there is no project template available hence, no project can be created.

According to 1,  AEM ships with three different templates out of the box:

  • A simple project - A reference sample for any projects that do not fit into other categories (a catch-all). It includes three basic roles (Owners, Editors, and Observers) and four workflows (Project Approval, Request Launch, Request Landing Page and Request Email).
  • A media project - A reference sample project for media-related activities. It includes several media-related project roles (Photographers, Editors, Copywriters, Designers, Owners, and Observers).
  • translation project - A reference sample for managing translation-related activities. It includes three basic roles (Owners, Editors, and Observers). It includes two workflows that are accessed in the Workflows user interface.


However, the customer can see none of these templates.


For the project templates to be visible in AEM, the property - cq:allowedTemplates of type String and the value /(apps|libs)/.*/projects/templates/.</b>* must be present under /content/projects/jcr:content.

It was found that the issue was caused by the fact that the customer had no jcr:content node under /content/projects. After creating the jcr:content node and adding the cq:allowedTemplates attribute the customer could see all three project templates.

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