Control Panel Capabilities

Last update: 2024-01-18

Steps to access control panel capabilities using by navigating to quick access/experience cloud home to grant the required access rights.



  • Adobe Campaign

  • Adobe Campaign Classic


The Adobe Campaign Control Panel allows Adobe Campaign administrators to monitor key assets and perform administrative tasks, such as managing the IP allow listing, SFTP storage by instance, and managing GPG keys or subdomains and certificates. All your Campaign instance’s assets, workflows, and data are stored in the database. The database reaching its maximum capacity can lead to issues with your instance (inability to log in, send emails, etc.). Therefore, it is essential to regularly monitor your instances’ databases to ensure optimal performance.

Today, Control Panel has the following functionalities, with new features being added frequently and improvements.

  1. SFTP Management

  2. Subdomains and certificates

  3. Performance monitoring

  4. Instances settings


How to access the Control Panel? 

  • Go to Experience Cloud Home.
  • Navigate to Quick Access or Experience Cloud Home.
  • Click Campaign, then Control Panel.

If you are unable to access the Control Panel that would be because of missing product admin rights from your profile. Please reach out to an existing admin within your organization to help you get the required access rights.

We recommend you bookmark Email alerting in the Control Panel Guide which gets updated with all new releases.

Note - Above mentioned functionalities are available for Adobe fully hosted environments. These functionalities will be released soon for hybrid-hosted customers whose MID and RT are hosted by Adobe. At the moment, Adobe hybrid customers can perform IP allow listing and view their subdomains delegated to Adobe.

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