Does Adobe Audience Manager collect Adobe Analytics’ video analytics/heartbeat tracking?



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Are Adobe Analytics’ video analytics and video Heartbeat hits collected by Adobe Audience Manager?


Much of the video data is captured, but not all of it. A quick overview of how this solution measures video is needed to understand what’s collected in AAM:

  • Video Analytics produces two full Analytics hits for each stream (sometimes, there are two more for ad breaks or chapters if implemented).
  • Once a user starts the video, an Analytics hit is sent to the Analytics tracking server.  Assuming the customer is forwarding their Analytics data to AAM, then this hit gets forwarded to AAM.
  • During video playback, small pings called Heartbeat calls are sent to a special video analytics collection server. These hits will have the following structure, and this is a different data collection server from the Analytics tracking server. Since these pings are not sent to the standard Analytics data collection server, none of these heartbeat hits are forwarded to AAM.
  • Once the video ends (whether the video actually ends or the user abandons the video), all the Heartbeat pings sent to the Heartbeat server during playback are compiled, all the metrics are calculated, and this information is sent as one hit to the Analytics tracking server. This last hit also gets forwarded to AAM.

Essentially, there are only two hits, one at the start of the video and one at the end, with a lot of valuable information that will get forwarded to AAM. See this documentation for more information on what is captured by Adobe Analytics’ Video Analytics solution.

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