This topic describes vntc usage syntax.

vntc [ *options*] *sourceFile* [ *destFile*]

sourceFile is the path and name of the file to be processed. Can be a path relative to the current working directory or an absolute path. Must be a valid vignette, cabinet style, or window covering style file and have one of these suffixes: .vnt, .vnc, or .vnw. Required.

destFile is the path and name for the output vignette file. If not specified, the output file is placed in the folder specified with -destpath. In this scenario, the file name is automatically generated from the input file name and a size suffix, separated with the string specified with -separator. For vignettes, the size suffix is the pixel width of the single-resolution output vignette, the width of the first view of a multi-resolution output vignette, or ‘0’ in case of a pyramid vignette. For cabinet style files, the output resolution is used as the file suffix. destFile is ignored when -info is specified.

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