Image Serving components

Scene 7 Image Serving consists of the following components:



Server Supervisor

Stand-alone executable responsible for starting, stopping, and ensuring the health of the other components.

Apache Tomcat

Provides the environment for most Java-based components.

Monitoring/Alerting Service

J2EE application. Provides server monitoring and email alerting.

Platform Server

J2EE application. Manages client connections, logging, communications with other components. HTTP access at /is/image.

Caching Service

J2EE application. Manages the Platform Server's data caches. HTTP access at /is/cache.

Image Server

Performs all image-processing and image file I/O operations. Both 32-bit and 64-bit executables are available for Linux (32-bit only for Windows).

ATE Text Render Component

One or more instances of the text rendering service may be active when textPs= operations are run.

SVG Render Component

Stand-alone Java application (not hosted by Tomcat).

Dynamic Media Image Rendering (aka. Render Server)

Requires a separate license to activate. HTTP access at /ir/render. All Image Rendering functionality is integrated into the Platform Server and the Image Server, with no separate executable components.

Additional configuration settings are provided by the default catalog ( default.ini) or specific image catalogs (see Image Catalogs for details).

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