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Compositing template. Lets you specify a compositing template in a catalog other than the main catalog.

template= *template*



template must be an image catalog entry with the template body contained in catalog::Modifier.

When template= is present, the object specified in the request path is not be applied as the source for layer 0. However, it can be referenced as a src= or mask= anywhere in the template by using the predefined path variable $object$ as a src= value. catalog::Modifier of the object specified in the request path is only applied with the substitution of $object$ within the template, while catalog::PostModifier is always applied.

Layer 0 is defined in the template body and can be an image, solid color, text, or nested or embedded request layer.

catalog:PostModifier of object is ignored when object is used with template=.




Request attribute. Applies regardless of the current layer setting.


See the examples in Templates.

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