Scale view. Scales the composite image by the inverse of invFactor.

scl= *invFactor*


Inverse scale factor (real greater than 0.0).

No scaling is applied when scl=1. invFactor larger than 1.0 down-scales and smaller than 1.0 enlarges the composite image.

If scl= is specified, and wid= and/or hei= are present as well, the image is cropped to wid= and/or hei= after scaling.


An error is returned if the calculated or default reply image size is larger than attribute::MaxPix.


View Attribute. Applies regardless of current layer setting.


If neither wid=, hei=, nor scl= are specified, the reply image will either have the size of the composite image or attribute::DefaultPix, whichever is smaller.


See the example in rotate= for a common application of scl=.

See also

wid= , hei=, attribute::DefaultPix

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