Server administration overview

Last update: 2022-11-09
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This documentation explains how to administer the Dynamic Media Image Rendering server.

Image Rendering consists of two major components:

  • A Java package is deployed with the Image Serving Platform Server and manages client connection, caching, material catalogs.
  • A native code module is deployed as an extension library for the Image Server and implements the core image rendering functionalities.

Both components are collectively called the Render Server.

Image Rendering shares many server facilities with Image Serving, and all options are configured by editing a configuration file. Additional configuration attributes are provided by the default catalog ( default.ini) or specific material catalogs. See Material Catalogs for details.

The Image Rendering install folder ( install_folder) is install_root/ImageRendering. On Windows, the default install_root is C:\Program Files\Scene7. A different folder may be specified during installation. On Linux, install_root must always be /usr/local/scene7. Symbolic links may be used.

All file paths are case-sensitive on UNIX and case-insensitive on Windows.

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