Substitution string element. Optional in <rule> elements.




Substitution string.


Defines a replacement string for the matched string or sub-string in the path or query.

If the pattern expression includes sub-expressions (delimited with parentheses), the first matched sub-string is replaced with the substitution string. If the pattern expression does not include sub-expressions, the entire matched string is substituted.

If <expression> is empty or absent, the substitution string is appended to the path or query.

If <substitution> is empty, the matched string or sub-string is removed. If <substitution> is not specified, the path or query string is not modified.


The substitution string must not contain literal < and & characters. These reserved characters can be encoded with & and <, respectively, or the entire string can be enclosed in an XML CDATA section:

<substitution><![CDATA[&text=<Hello, world!>]]></ substitution>

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